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I Drank Two Cups Of Petrol To Save My Life; Woman Narrates

Greed is something that many into trouble with. Hellen Gathoni shares her painful journey with us.

Hellen was born and raised in Kiambu County. She is the lastborn among four children. She went to school normally and after growing up she got married. However, her marriage didn't work so the two parted ways even after birthing two children.

Gathoni took the kids to her parents and then went to Nairobi in search of greener pastures. Due to stress, she became an alcoholic and she unknowingly made friends with thugs. They told her that getting money is within a snap of a finger but she didn't bother to ask how all that becomes a reality.

One day she got drank and her friends headed for Nakuru saying they were visiting the mom of one of them who had been ill. After their visit, one of the males said a friend was picking them up but on their way back the driver that was driving them went missing after Hellen was dropped off somewhere and picked up a few minutes later.

It didn't take long before they were arrested being charged with robbery. That's when Hellen realized the friends were thugs. Mob wanted to kill them and they commanded her to drink two cups of petrol to save her life. Left with no option she did so and before they burnt them up the police saved them.

They were brutally tortured during questioning to a point of being taken to the mortuary for days. Eventually, Hellen was sentenced to six years after they realized she was unknowingly involved with the thugs but the rest were given life imprisonment. She learned her lesson the hard way and decided to be satisfied with her earnings as long as it is her sweat.

She currently preaches the Gos[pel saying that God saves and she is a living testimony. She advises everyone to know their company well and avoid instant wealth to avoid trouble.

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