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Sultana:Major Almost Shots JJ

In today's episode, Major has warned JJ to stay away from his marriage. JJ wants to open for his mother after being locked in a store but Major can't allow that to happen. Major wants JJ to go away but JJ can't leave without his mother.

JJ will take a fork and wants to break the store. Asia and Dida stop JJ from what is doing and listen to his father. JJ will plead with Bi Ua to close her eyes because he wants to break the store. As JJ wants to break it Major will rush for the gun and starts shooting. Major warns JJ to just move close and will shoot him to death. Asia will beg JJ to just leave.

JJ will go to his room and starts packing her clothes. Dida pleads with him to stay because Bi Ua will be hurt more without his presence. JJ tells Dida he rather leaves because his anger may lead him or his father to a mortuary.

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