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KOT Left Fuming After Blogger Elodie Claims She Was Drunk When She Accused Bf Nviiri Of Abuse.

Twitter has been awash with the tales of Elodie Zone and her boyfriend Nviiri the Storyteller. On Monday, the well known blogger, Youtuber and fashionista launched a scathing attack on his singer/songwriter boyfriend. On her Instagram stories, she accused the Sol generation artiste of physically and emotionally abusing her.

She claimed Nviiri even slammed her on a table at a club, where he also left her and her cousins. Nviiri the Storyteller has built a good reputation for himself. Kenyans were not happy with him after these accusations were made against him. Many Kenyans came out to condemn the Singer even though he had not come out to address these allegations. The blogger had a different story to tell today morning. She changed her tune and blamed the scathy and even career destroying allegations on too much alcohol. She claimed that She had taken a trip to Mombasa together with Nviiri to make peace and that her posts were fuelled by too much drinks. Kenyans on twitter were however not happy with the blogger for changing her tune after making the serious allegations. Kenyans on twitter accused Elodie of trying to destroy a career that Nviiri had worked so hard to build. Some even claimed that Elodie is a well privileged kid who knew nothing about struggling while Nviiri grew up in Kayole slums being supported by a single mother and hence knew the real meaning of struggle.

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