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Sonko Sends Coded Message to the Public Amid Drama With Alleged Baby Mama

Ostentatious former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has technically introduced a complex relationship debate to his followers on social media involving a 'perceived' family love triangle that brought forth a kid, a debate that comes at a time when he is battling a court case where a woman is demanding child upkeep from him in the service of their alleged daughter.

Sonko challenged his followers to give their views incase they find themselves in a circumstance where a cousin they employed to guard and run errands for their girlfriend later falls in love with her and the two sired a child who bears inseparable characteristics from the father (his cousin).

In his case, Sonko disclosed that he would seemlessly take responsibility. His fans however read deep into the challenging matter and connected it with the politicians ongoing tribulations where he has been sued for failing to take care of his alleged daughter.

Could Sonko be trying to link his cousin to the matter in court? He is undeniably a monies man, why doesn't he explore the DNA option to solve the controversy? Such were the questions majority of the politician's followers were left with lingering on their heads.

Meanwhile, the court has given Sonko's legal team 21 days to respond to the petition where the woman through her Lawyer, Dan Okemwa wants Sonko compelled to pay monthly upkeep of Sh448,450.

"Nauliza kama ulikuwa na dame alafu yule dame umpe cousin yako akue dere wake cum bodyguard juu anapenda kudunda kila akikutoanisha alafu bahati mbaya dame apate ball azae mtoto but huyo mtoto awe amefanana na cousin yako copyright maskio, mapua, mdomo yani kila kitu ni cousin yako. Mimi nitamchukua mtoto juu ni innocent angel ni mlee na nimpendee. Kama ni wewe ungedoo?" Sonko posed.

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