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Soap Operas Movies: Between Mexicans and Philippines Movies, Who are the Most Beautiful Actresses

Soap operas are one of the most watched love and romantic drama series. This genre of movie are liked by many people especially the ladies but some men are not an exemption.

Our local tv stations are well known because of this soap operas drama movies. At 8pm majority of the ladies are always set to watch this movie drama. The fight comes when a man in the house want to watch a football game and the wife want to watch this telenovela romantic movie. Mostly the man have to give in to the ladies wishes because soap operas to them is everything.

The most watched soap operas are Philippines, American and mexican. The most beautiful ladies are featured on as actresses with the aim of attracting many audience to watch the soap.

There have been a battle on who are the most beautiful actresses between the Philippines actresses and the Mexican/ telenovela actresses. 

Check out these actresses and give a suggestion on who you think are the best actresses in the genre of movies

Phillipine Actresses

Mexican Actresses.

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American Mexican Mexicans Philippines Phillipine


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