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Zora Citizen TV: Ogola leaves Zalena Speechless after Revealing This Hidden Secret

Of late a lot had ben happening in Oliver’s mansion but with many secrets. However, some of them have been unfolded leaving the victims not only in shock but also in pain. Think about the guy like Madiba, the day he discovered and saw his biological father, was the same day he lost him and the very same day he was kicked out of the mansion. What a pain! It is very clear that he was chased because he was dating Nana the lady who Oliver was in love with.

Back to our today’s theme, in the next episode that you are just about to watch, you will see Zalena arriving home in her hands holding a brown envelop. The paper from the envelop made her not only furious and shocked but also felt uneasy. It was actually all about Nana’s new opportunity of being a shareholder in one of the Oliver’s companies. Before she could start thinking much about it, Ogola arrived with the worse news. Ogola clearly explained how Oliver was spotted with Nana in a position that anyone could realize that they were dating.

The reason why Ogola had to report to madam Zalena about the cheating of Oliver with Nana, was because him too had been madly in love with Nana. Madam Zalena was actually left speechless not knowing what to say or to do. But do you think Zalena will sit back and watch Nana snatch away her husband? Absolutely not. We are all aware that she is a fighting woman. In this case we should be worried about Nana since we know what Zalena is capable of. Let’s find out more from the next episode.  

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