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Online People And Their Characters. Which One Are You?

Nowadays a big number of population owns smart phones and most of them are on social sites,that is,facebook,instagram,twitter and many more to mention.

Apart from being able to tell someones behaviour while with them,it is also easy to tell the behavior of someone who is always online. Some of these characters can be identified the way one behaves whenever he or she is online.

Check-out the type of person you are.

1.The introverts.

They ever indoors and always compaining on there posts. Some of their complains is how they are single.Maybe they wait for their mr and mrs right to jump over the fence walls and sneak in there room.

2.Holier than thou.

These are the ones who always post about scriptures overnight,fake promises and forcing people to type amen.


They are forever online posting and sharing memes. Usually they have a job or run business but since they are always online,you might think they do not have something to do.

4.Monitoring spirit

These ones behave like spirits. They are always online,viewing your posts,status but they will never comment or react to what you update.


These are the comment readers assosciation. They are always peaceful. All they do when online is read the comments,react and move on. The only complain they have is when one comments a long comment.

6.Dope dude.

Always there is that cool dude who never posts his bae or anything about ladies but in his inbox,awe sure as if there is a women conference.

7.The heartbroken

These are usually the baby mamas whose baby daddy ran away and so they become motivational speakers and always complaining about men as if they have dated all of them.

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Which One Are You


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