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New April 2021 Movies You Cannot Miss Watching

One of the best way to relax at home is by watching some interesting movies. These are the new April 2021 Movies you should should watch.

1. Friendship Never Dies - This thriller film revolves around inseparable friends Everlyn and Jenna who love to be with each other. But Everlyn's mother Lucy is Skeptical of their relationship as she believes Jenna is a bit odd. However, when Jenna's Life takes a dark turn and her mother is murdered, Lucy welcomes her with open arms to live with her family so that Jenna can finish Senior year. She is later surprised to find out that Jenna's obsession with her daughter Evelyn is getting out of hand.

2. We Burn Like This - Amidst rising anti- Semitism in Billings, Montana, Rae a 22 year- old descendant of Holecaust survivors uncovers the truth about a childhood accident.

3. Boys Beware

4. A Ghost In The Machine

5. Tell Her

6. Synonymous With - A student's increasingly intimate line of questioning causes his interview with a local horror host to take a vulnerable turn.

7. Malika : The Lion Queen - This Documentary film follows life of Malika, a lioness in South Africa's Kruger National Park as she battles to suvive.

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Boys Beware Friendship Never Dies Holecaust Lucy Montana


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