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TBT Photos Of Steven Kanumba And Fena Gitu Before Money And Fame

Read and see photos below:

Before becoming wealthy and famous, everyone had lives, some of which were wonderful and others of which were not so great.

A lot of individuals are inspired to work toward a better life by celebrities who thrive in the limelight and who glow after achieving success and notoriety.

Some Kenyan and Tanzanian stars, like the late Steven Kanumba and Fena Gitu, changed their looks in this way.

1. Steven Kanumba

Shinyanga is the place of birth of Tanzanian actor and film maker Steven Charles Kanumba, a Sukuma. For the 2012 death of Kanumba at the age of 28, actress Elizabeth Michael was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to two years in prison. At least 30,000 people showed up at his funeral. He appeared in Nollywood productions and was considered as "Tanzania's most well-known film star."

Below are some of his TBT photos before money and fame:

2. Fena Gitu

Fena rose to fame after taking part in Coke Studio Africa, a music competition. She is renowned for being a singer and songwriter of world music. She released the well-liked song "Trouble." in 2018. 

She won the 2008 Fete de la Musique singing competition before she became well-known. 

Below are some of her TBT photos before money and fame: 


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