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Sultana: JJ And Sultana Back Home, Kokan Demands JJ Be Chased Away

On Monday episode, Kokan will be done to check up on Salama after the attack. Kokan tells her family to allow her to rest. Sultana and JJ will be back from town and Kokan will not like it. Sultana asks JJ what's going on because all of a sudden is not talking. Kokan tells Sultana that her mother was attacked by the same people they attacked the other day. Sultana will start crying and runs to see her mother.

Kokan goes on and tells Zuu, Mwanzele, and Babu Kalo to chase away JJ because is his plan with his father to hurt Salama. Maneno tells him not to blame anyone because they don't know what exactly happened.

Zuu will get outside and tells JJ that Salama wants to see him. Kokan will be ashamed because he expected to be called. JJ will see Salama and tells her family that she may take weeks or months to heal because she was hit on her brain. JJ tells them they have to find a wheelchair for her to get outside for fresh air as she heals.JJ will excuse himself and leave

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