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Photo Of Prezzo Surrounded By Bodyguards' Attracts Mixed Reactions Online

Prezzo. [Image | Courtesy]

Renowned Kenyan hip pop musician Jackson Ngechu Makini who is fondly known as CMB Prezzo is well known for showing off.

Prezzo has severally gone to great lengths so as to flaunt his riches, fleet of cars, bundles of cash, and splashing champagne in clubs.

There has been a photo of the young musician making rounds on social media showing him seated in a cafe' and two bodyguards standing side by side.

Prezzo. [Image | Courtesy]

This has sparked a lot of varied reactions as fans have since stated that he is trying too hard to show off since he honestly does not need this kind of protection.

Others however defended him from an angle that at least he is providing employment to the young men so that they can provide to their families.

Prezzo. [Image | Courtesy]

Here are a few of the gathered commentaries from fans.

Datchi Crispin, ''Security niwa nini? Yeye na mwananchi mwengine wa kenya same same...Kiki too ndoana tafuta!!!''

Njeri Njoroge, ''Prezzo sly king😆😆❤❤.''

Sam Gachaga, ''You may think its nonsensical for prezzo to have security but at least he employs hawa vijana wapate unga.''

Prezzo. [Image | Courtesy]

Lula Abdille, ''@prezzo254 kama kufloss is wrong then I can’t be right 🔥.''

Frank, ''Sio rahisi kuwa rais.''

Irene Kimani, ''Why show off, live a simple life hizi ni za dunia tu hapa you need no protection. God is enough.''

Juma Ali, ''Raha ya dunia ya nini sasa ndugu... utaviacha tu papa hapa.''

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