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"I Used to Have Sleep With Dead Women in the Mortuary" Director Samaritan Admits in an Interview

Indeed their are some stories we only see or hear in movies, and most of us never imagine that, they can happen in real life. Sometimes, some happy faces, can have a very painful. Stories deep down in the heart.

On October 13th,One of the award winning directors and also gospel musician, Director Samaritan, came out openly, via Prenter Ali's platform and explained all the evil things he did while working in the morgue as an attendant.

Samaritan said that after form four, life was very difficult, and poverty made him to move in Nairobi and at least look for green pastures. While in Nairobi he started hustling and singing. By a good luck, his aunt got him a Job, and that Job was in Eldoret.

At first he didn't knew the job he was going to do, so he accepted and without any thoughts and also tiredness of living a poor life, Samaritan agreed and he was transported by the organisation he was going to work for, from Nairobi to Eldoret.

When he reached at Eldoret, he was shocked to find out that he was going to work as a Mortuary Attendant. He tried to refuse the work but the money they were paying was good because he was to be paid 500 shillings per body.

After being introduced to the work and told what to do, Samaritan, begun his work on the second day, and what shocked him very much is seeing his colleague having sex with a dead fresh body of a woman. His colleague told him that, that was his daily routine and that is how he satsfies his conjugal rights and he even convinced him to try.

Samaritan hesisted but after a while, a fresh body was brought in, and it was of a beautiful Indian girl, Samaritan decided to make love with the body, so he wore a protection and did the act. After finishing he felt guilty, but his colleague gave him an extraordinary marijuana, which made him to forget all the things.

So this became a normal routine, and he used to make love with every fresh dead body of a Woman, that was brought in. This happened for three months, when one day he came back to his senses and the guilt hiyted him very well. After feeling guilty, Samaritan who was at the time earning upto 120K, per month, decided to vanish, and he escaped abruptly and decided to go and start a new life.

Lucky enough he managed to rich Eldoret town, and later travelled to Nairobi, gave his life to christ and now he is a born again Christian and he is spreading the gospel because he feels saved.

Here is the Link to the Full Video on YouTube

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