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Lets support all genders equally

There has been a lot happening in the country lately both on the positive and negative side and I got to say this Covid-19 isn’t to blame for the lack of money to go around. It’s bad even in the remotest parts where money is not usually a big deal like in the city. Everybody wants money, right? I think to myself that what if money didn’t exist, what if there were no currency and people exchanged things for actual things or a service that they need. What if money wasn’t the major drive to a job, a good life, and all that’s in everything we know (all factors remain constant). just what if things didn’t have to be bought. As am writing this a neighbor knocks and gets me off my wild unrealistic thoughts. She is a good neighbor I got to say. Let’s call her Sandy for now. I welcome Sandy in and I notice she has her laptop. We have never done movie or music transactions so I’m wondering what she’s about to ask me.

After we are settled considering I’m done with my cooking (I’m thinking the aroma invited her because she lives two doors away) she asks me whether I know anything about writing and transcription. I tell her I’m relatively good at transcribing but the writing part I only tried for a little while and the energy wasn’t adding up back then but back to it now and it feels good. She shows me some write up she has prepared and gives me time to read through it as she samples my playlist. There’s a particular mix tape she loves and she even stands and starts dancing as I try to contain my concentration to the write up. Its about a topic I have been wanting to write about (politics and women) for quite a while, but I get carried away each time by other more interesting issues like corruption scandals and the show business industry.

In her piece, I notice a lot of balance considering she is a woman. The balance here meaning she doesn’t really divulge in the discussion of what really happens behind the scenes for our very able women politicians who want more representation in almost all aspects. She tells me she is about to submit it and wanted to know if it’s okay grammatically. I ask why she came to me and she says she knows I have a good command for English considering she has listened to my music and I always or often speak in English when we meet up in the apartment corridors.

This got me thinking a lot around the scope of gender-oriented leadership. What are we teaching the current generations? Funny how we empower one gender against the other and still expect to enhance equality in school setups and institutions. If I recall too well, back when I was in primary school, everyone was advocating for rights for the girl child. The fight was real and sensitization was on a whole new level to ensure that girls were empowered. Everything was girl-child this girl-child that. There were more seminars and talks for the girls in a single term than the usual. What they were being empowered on was not for the boys to hear but for the girls to implement.

Then high school happened and am sure since most attended boarding institutions, this same empowerment continued. In boy schools this were very few if any happened at all. Ask the guys out there how many talks on empowerment ever happened in their high school lives and also go ahead and ask a lady how many empowerment forums they had in their four years of high school life. The difference is quite evident today, but let me not conclude this yet.

Just recently is when everybody just woke up and realized we lost the boy-child somewhere in between advocacy of girl empowerment and population slowdown (meaning more ladies are being born as compared to men).This is not a bad thing though but put it in a balance and notice that the male species is slowly dwindling in numbers due to many other issues in societies. We have empowered one gender so much over the other that the confidence of the society in the boy-child has been left hanging on a thread. Note that this is evident in the school performances from the previous years where despite a boy topping in the overall results, the top one hundred positions are dominated by girls.

The issues of dropping out, young unplanned pregnancies and drugs being among the major factors affecting school going children in general need adequate counter measures to make sure that children are kept in school. Currently, with the on-going Corona Virus, school going has been affected and no one really knows when exactly this will be over. With the younger generation at home and despite the fact that everyone should keep social distance, there are a number of things that will be evident after all this gone.

The levels of young unplanned pregnancies will be on the rise this year. The number of new illegal drug users/addicts will catapult to new levels that haven’t been experienced yet. Both genders get affected by all this issues and sometimes it’s inevitable for them considering so many factors in today’s society. This may include peer pressure and absent parents plus the don’t-care attitude by this generation.

We want to look forward to a sober generation of youths, a drug free society, present parents and also a society that supports the values therein. A conducive environment for all this would be sustainable if all parties work together to ensure that there is something to look forward to tomorrow.

Let’s not as a society support one gender against the other, let’s be cohesive in advocacy for equality and an environment that supports both genders equally. This will in turn solve the problem of equality among the generations and we won’t have to see one gender sinking in a particular issue while the other thrives on it and does nothing about it.

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