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Kush Tracey Chose The Best Man For A Boyfriend (Photos)

Kush Tracey has always been appreciated for her beauty as well as adorable taste when it comes to fashion and style. She outstands and is always admired by many especially Switch Tv's fans where she hosts a couple of shows, Chatspot and Vybez. It's been long since he showed any man in his life to the public. Maybe she is not dating, or she just decided to keep her love life private due to reasons only known to her.

Kush seems to be a loving woman who would really care for and support the man she loves. To add to that, she is hardworking and I think that's a quality most men look out for. Yes, she isn't the type who would just sit and let opportunities pass her, she grabs every chance that would lead to achieving her dreams. In short, she is a queen who is sweating to build an empire.

The beauty queen's past relationship with Kenyan known secular musician Timmy That is still fresh in most people's minds. The two seemed to be so much in love with each other until their bitter and dramatic fallout. For some time, fans thought they would mend issues and get back together but that never happened.

Despite their break up, I still think Kush Tracey made the best choice she chose Timmy for a boyfriend. This is because the two seemed to belong together. Why do I say so? The two belonged to the same industry, which is the entertainment industry and the music industry to be specific. This means that they would support and advise each other through their journey. They even did a song together, 'Ndulu' in which they sang very nicely.

Apart from that, the two seemed to have a compatible 'chemistry'. This is evident through the way they praised each other's bedroom skills.

What else would a lady look for in a boyfriend? I think Timmy That was the best boyfriend to Kush Tracey. What is your opinion on this? Kindly leave your opinions in the comments section below.

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