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Na Bado Hawajakipata! Akothee teaches his Wazungus sons to roast Maize

Being a celebrity's kid is fun with the exception of Madam Akothee. Akothee is one of the top Female artists in Kenya. She loves to refer to herself as the President of Single mothers in Kenya. This is because Akothee has previously been married in three relationship that have failed terribly.

Akothee has broken the record by getting married to one Kenyan, One Swiss man and another French man. Akothee sired three children for her first African Husband. Akothee sired one son for her Swiss husband and she also sired one son for her French man. Akothee has a total of five children.

Akothee's sons usually live in France with their French dad. They came to Kenya recently to come greet their mum after they had stayed for almost one year without physically seeing each other eye to eye.

Akothee started by enrolling his sons to morning work out because she noticed that they had really gained a lot of weight.

Akothee has then being seeing cooking beans and makes for his boys. Akothee later revealed that when your Mother is Akothee you will not have bacon, sausages and tea for breakfast instead you will have to eat healthy. Akothee roasted maize for his Wazungus sons for breakfast. See photos below.

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