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Wedding planning scene

Akothee's Daughters Vesha and Ruebaby Grace Their Auntie's Wedding In Beautiful Outfits (photos)

One of the most well-known social media influencers and content producers is Esther Akoth, alias Akothee. She publishes her incredible lifestyle stuff online as she constantly tops online trends. Due to her prominence, Akothee has many opportunities to build a successful life on social media. She also manages a tour firm, the Akothee Foundation, and other popular social media accounts. She therefore excels at controlling her lifestyle goals.

Cebbie Kok, who is married to Steve Ogola, wed in a colorful ceremony. Cebbie is Akothee's sister. Videos that have been circulating online show that it was a pretty adorable occurrence. After dating for some time, Cebbie and Steve got married.

However, Akothee skipped the wedding for reasons that were only known to her. Vesha and Ruebaby, however, were there as the bride's maids. I want us to check out their adorable clothing that they arrived in well-groomed.

Vesha and Ruebaby were beautifully dressed in glistening green attire that only covered their shoulders halfway. The other sides were still somewhat visible, but they were all really adorable. As they enthusiastically attended their aunt's wedding, these two also demonstrated their dancing prowess.

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