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Must Watch 2022 End Year Movies

The third year of the Covid-19 pandemic has begun, and movies are in an odd position. The theatrical-exclusive is becoming less and less common as more movies wind up streaming directly, playing in theaters and streaming concurrently, or releasing on one of many streaming platforms following a 45-day exclusive run in theaters. Regardless, there are still a ton of exciting new movies on the horizon, and the only way to make sure that we keep receiving more and more is to go watch them. Knowing what's coming out and when it comes out is therefore the greatest thing you can do, whether you're planning to go to a local theater or merely wait to rent or stream at home.

The Batman is a unique version of the Batman that we've seen before. Robert Pattinson, an actor renowned for taking enormous risks, is our new Dark Knight. Zoe Kravitz makes for a really cool Catwoman, Paul Dano portrays the Riddler in the style of the Zodiac Killer, and Colin Farrell plays the Penguin in a completely new interpretation that is unrecognizably him. With his neo-noir, original take on Batman, director Matt Reeves adds to his long list of successful films. Now all we can do is wait and see what he does next.

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