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'Ntakufinya' Man Finally Gets A Good Job After Jalang'o Promises To Do This

The ntakufinya duo today have reasons to smile after they were interviewed by the radio host Jalang'o who promised them a motorcycle and also being a brand ambassador. The two have been trending in social media platforms where they have gained more followers online.

On the interview which happened today afternoon, they were assured by Jalang'o an advertising job where they will be selling in a flour company here in Nairobi. The lives of the two men have now changed and they can now live happily without having problems.

This is clear that everyone has his own day where life will change totally and live the life which everyone dreams. The radio host Jalang'o has been in forefront in this country helping needy people who needs attention from the kenyans.

Remember to wear mask at all time so that we can overcome this deadly disease which has killed more than three thousand people in our country.

Content created and supplied by: MiltonOndwasi (via Opera News )

Jalang'o Ntakufinya'


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