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“I Have Played Evil Character In All Of My Movies” Angie Magio reveals

Kenyan film actress Angie Magio has featured in many telenovela movies in Kenya, and she has played the evil character in all of them. Some of her movies include: “Sumu”, “Selina”, “Utandu, “Kandanda”and Sultana, and she loves playing the evil character.

You should know that actors and actresses in a movie are working just like you and me, and they always portray different characters in films. Some of them are always given evil roles, so that they can portray. They always do them to the best of their abilities, until viewers begins to hate and dislike them.

Some actors and actresses have always been given good and angelic characters in movies, and many viewers love them for free. Many viewers always thinks that those characters are a reflection of their true characters in real life, therefore they always get it wrong.

The characters they play in a movie are just a performance, and they doesn’t necessarily represent their true characters in real life. You should never hate or dislike an actor or an actress, because they display characters that you don’t like in a movie, instead you should understand they are only working just like you.

Angie started acting long time ago, and she has always play the evil character. You should understand that the characters they play are only meant to help you, so that you can understand the real human behaviors in the real world society that you live in.

They educate us through playing different characters, and they also entertain us at the same time. You should always support actors and actresses, and you should never kill their talents just because they are playing a role which you doesn’t like.

Entertainment industry has become a career for thousands of Kenyans, and it has helped in eradicating poverty in our country. Viewers should embrace entertainment industry just like any other industry, and they should welcome all actors and actresses aboard no matter which kind of characters they 

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