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"Dad at 65, What Have I Done?" This Man Narrates How He Felt About Having a Child at That Age

A child is a blessing from God and it's always a wish for most married couples. Some people lament when a child is born may be because the parent is too young or too old. But we have to trust God in everything because He is the one who gives life and His timing is always perfect.

The man pictured above goes by the name Don. He is carrying his daughter that he got with his wife Tiffany. He shared his story about how he felt having a baby at his age on his Youtube channel.

He asked himself, "Dad at 65, what have I done?" And ended up answering himself, "I've done the right thing."

He revealed that he prayed to God to bless him with a child, particularly a daughter. After the prayer, he had a vision and God showed him that it was okay to have another child.

He shared his thoughts with his wife Tiffany and she agreed with him. They prayed together and finally, God answered their prayers, Tiffany became expectant.

Don said that men should always remember to be there for their wives during pregnancy and even after giving birth because it's not easy for them. They should be ready to provide anything that their wives crave for and be there for them when they are having mood swings.

He had planned and was ready for the responsibilities that come with pregnancy and having an infant in the house. He would wake up any time of the night when his wife wanted him to and walked with her every step of the journey.

After their daughter was born he didn't stop helping his wife. They planned about how they will be sharing duties like changing her diapers and feeding her. The first three months he did most of the work to allow his wife to heal.

He had prayed to God for patience and a caring heart to be able to handle everything. He gave an example of Abraham who was blessed with a son at an old age and managed to raise him to adulthood. So his case is not a big deal.

He encouraged men to learn how to babysit and do all the stuff that babies need. They should know how to change diapers because if they are left with a child and it soils a diaper it won't make sense to leave it like that until the mother comes back.

He revealed that he wakes up even at 2 am to check on their daughter and that strengthened the bond between them. The baby is more attached to Don than Tiffany.

According to him, God had a purpose for blessing him with a child at that age. He doesn't listen to the world's opinion of not having kids at a certain age. He knows that God trusted him to take care of a kid.

He goes by God's grace and not how much grey hair or wrinkles he has. He always prays to God to give him long life to raise his daughter to adulthood and hand her over to a good man on her wedding day.

He quoted from the good book that he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him. He said that he will raise his daughter with love, joy and patience because God entrusted him with that duty.

Click on the link below to watch him speak.

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