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Diamond Platinumz's Baby Mamas Frustrating Him?

Diamond Platinumz has three known baby mamas; Zari Hassan, Hamisa Mobetto, and Tanasha Donna. He has two kids with Zari, a son with Hamisa and another son with Tanasha. Most often, people think of him as a stubborn and irresponsible father who doesn't care about his children. Once in a while, he is seen to be trying to be present in his kids' lives. However, he has not been able to balance and treat them equally. In my opinion, his efforts are being frustrated by his baby mamas since they do not get along well. I tend to think that they even get mad at him when he tries to get along with all of them at the same time. For that reason, I think his baby mamas are the ones frustrating him.

Why do I say so?

If Bongo star's baby mamas got along well, it would have been easy for the award-winning singer since he would be able to bring his kids together. However, because of the rifts between his baby mamas, his kids are growing up without getting to know their siblings.

Secondly, I think the singer finds it very hard to be on good terms with all his baby mamas at the same time. If you have been keenly following on the relationship between him and two of his baby mama, Zari, and Tanasha, through social media, you might have noticed that most of the time when he is on good terms with one the other seems to act like she is mad at him. This may therefore frustrate his efforts of trying to balance between them and love the kids equally.

Therefore, as much as most people view the star as someone who is not willing to take up his responsibilities, we should also look at the other side of the coin. I think it might be very hard to balance between his baby mamas, given the fact that not all of them get along with each other.

The above points are based on my opinion and I might be wrong.

Do you think the baby mamas could be frustrating the singer's efforts to be close to his kids?

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