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'Mum Told Me to Be Calling Her Aunt, Dad Rejected me And Almost Burnt me Alive' A Musician Narrates

NancyAnne Wanja was born at Othaya in Nyeri county and raised in different parts of the country. She is a gospel artist and a third born in a family of 3 siblings.

Her mother separated with her dad while she was only 6 years and they returned to her grandmother place. After a while, her mother left her with her grandmother and relocated to Meru in search of greener pastures. Unfortunately, her grandma passed on after an year and she went to live with her mother at Meru.

“As we travelled to Meru after my grandma’s burial, my mum disclosed to me that she already have a family in Meru. She warned me against calling her mum and instructed me to always call her aunt,” she said.

Her mother changed towards her and started mistreating her. She didn’t enroll her to school and she worked as a house girl in her own mother’s house.

Her step sisters’ head teacher talked to her ‘aunt' and she agreed to enroll her in school. One day, her mother caught her fetching some water for the head teacher and beat her mercilessly. She humiliated her in front of the whole school, insulted her head teacher and put a stop to her education.

After a few days, her mother took her to Nairobi where she worked as a house girl. The neighbours would help her around the compound, since was too young. Due to the neighbours complains, her employer bought het new clothes, shoes and sent her back to her mum’s place.

When she got home, her mum shared her clothes with her step sisters and sent her to the river to fetch water.  

Her mother sent her to the forest to fetch firewood which she would sell to the hotels in their area. Despite all this hardships, Madam Lilian was denied food.

During the interview, she sadly remembered on how she was badly beaten by her mother, after the game rangers had arrested her.

Her mother took her to a second home as a house girl and disappeared. She started getting ill due to over working her tiny body. The grandfather he took care of started mistreating her and almost defiled her.

The situation got worse when her employer suggested that NancyAnne should be circumcised and married off to their grandson. She borrowed Sh. 100 from their grandson, lied to him that she was going to buy a geometric set and ran away back to her mum’s home.

She learnt that her mother had been sent away from her home after her stepfather discovered her big secret. He took her to the hospital and after five days of treatment, he sent her to her mum’s place in Othaya.

At this time, she was reunited with her other siblings  and they were so happy to see each other. However her mum wasn’t happy to see her. She left Nancy and her brother behind and told them to live like the birds of the air which feed themselves.

She became a bread winner at a younger age. They would sell firewood and beg for food from the well-wishers. Later, her mother took away her brother and left her all alone.

A well wisher took her to school and she would attend the school.

Unfortunately, her aunts threw her out of her grandmother’s house. Her Uncle gave her bus fare and she went to Othaya to look for his dad.  Sadly, his dad rejected her and would beat her anyhowly. She slept under the cold severally.

One day, her dad came home with petrol and almost burnt her up. She ran away and started playing with a young child on the road who introduced her to his mother. After sharing her story with the mother to the young child, she took her in and raised her as her own child.

She started singing gospel songs in the year 2019 and as well meet with the love of her life. The two lovebirds are blessed with two beautiful children.

Madam NancyAnne is hoping that she will join high school soon and accomplish her dreams of becoming a lawyer.

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