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Revealed: The Cause Of Death of Mungai Mbaya's Son, Lyric Mungai.

The family of Mungai mbaya are in deep mourning after the death of their son Lyric Mungai. The young boy was born last month on 28th May and died yesterday on 28th June. The baby survived and fought through the one month and couldn't take the pain no more and the lord decided to him to heaven.

The beautiful baby as georgina described died because the doctors fucked up.

Aisha, lyrics mother narrated the traumatic experience she went through during the last hours of baby lyric being alive. She explained how she hold her deadbaby's body until it got cold. To her it wasn't yet time to let go. she knew that she would go back home with her baby so having to go home without him was the hardest thing to do. She wrote she would never wish that painful ordeal on anyone.

"Seeing that it has been normalized for young mums to lose their babies hurt me so much because we really fight to keep our babies. I haven't healed from birth yet and now this happens. It is very sad"

Georgina Njenga, girlfriend to thler mbaya and Lyric's aunt explained her saddness and called out on the doctors' negligence which is believed to the cause of death of Lyric and her other sister's baby.

"The fact that I lost my sister's and sister in law's babies due to resembling problems. Both of them gave birth in May for your information , but the doctors we have in kenya wueeh, we are all f*cked up trust me. Two cases of close people where the doctors fucked up."

It is sad to see people losing their babies because of doctors being irresponsible. This is the second case that has gone viral after gengetone artist Lexxy yung lost his baby the same way.

What is going on with our medical team? What measures do you think should be put out there for doctors to follow to enaure babies are born healthy and with no complications?

We pray for for comfort for their families and everyone mourning a loved one.

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