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Road Accident

Sultana: Jabali Junior and Sultana Involed in an Accident on Their Way to Hospital

The episode begins with Sada and Ua having a heated exchange after Bi Ua was reluctant to share information about Major Jabali's documents. The two had agreed to help each other to manage Major Jabali who was perceived to be a stumbling block in the family's progress.

Jabali Junior has just left home and Ua is in his room checking on his items. Sada comes in to inform her to be clear on the agreement on getting information. Sada saw Ua as not being serious with the agreement and she looked for her and warned her about it.

Meanwhile, Kokani is in a bad mood after seeing Sultana and Jabali Junior speed away to town for medical treatment. He wished he was the one taking Sultana and that gave him a lot of beef with the two. He wished they had an accident while on the road so that they both perish and disappeared from his sight.

Coincidentally, as Kokani was talking about Sultana and Jabali Junior's death in an accident, their vehicle got punctured but none of them got injured although Sultana became so scared about the incident. He repaired it and they continued with their journey.

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