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Female Gov’t Official Allegedly Employs Her New Boyfriend as Her Office Messenger With a Huge Salary

A renowned top female government official is yet again the talk of the town. This is after she hooked up with a new boyfriend who is almost half her age.

According to insiders, the controversial female official has gone ahead and employed her new catch as her office messenger to keep him close. Like that is not enough, she has since been tagging the handsome young man along wherever she goes despite having employed him as an office messenger.

Word has it that the boyfriend is drawing a handsome salary from her. On top of that, he is also being offered munificent perquisites disguised as a clothing allowance, transportation allowance, extraneous allowance, and overtime compensation.

Those who know this female official have described her as rich and a big spender. She also has a high affinity for young, energetic, and good-looking young men. Her sense of fashion has been described as top-notch. She wears very expensive designer clothes.

She moves around in high-end fuel guzzlers and is reported to own some apartments in one of the estates in Nairobi.

Unfortunately, it is said that she never keeps a boyfriend for very long. One of her handlers noted that last year alone, she was in three different relationships. It is not clear how long the current relationship will last but for sure, the current boyfriend is enjoying huge benefits to the previous ones.

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