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Celebrities Whose Children Have Extraordinary Names Which No One Else is Named After

Everyone has a name that they like the most and would like to name their children with. Some Celebrities often name their children with some unique and extraordinary names. Some names usually attract attention and the children too end up being celebrities. Some of these names do not have meaning but the celebrities chose them because they probably had sentimental values to them. Below are celebrity names that are extraordinary.


Ed Sheeran decided to name his child after the coldest continent on earth.


Maria Carey has a child who she named after citizenship of a country in Africa, Moroccan.

North West

Kanye West decided to name his child North West.

Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy is the daughter of Beyonce. She got such a cool name.

X Ãé A- 12

Elon Musk Child got a very unique and extraordinary name involving a bunch of numbers and letters which he only knows its meaning.

Which celebrity child do you thing has got the coolest name?

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