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Reasons Why You Need To Go Watch The Suicide Squad

Most of us love movies and we have got a movie for you to enjoy this weekend. The Suicide Squad has just been released and the 2h 12 minutes extravaganza is well worth the watch. 

The suicide squad can be briefly be explained as a non stop joyride from start to finish. This has been very hard to say about previous DC films but with this the director who took up the helm of this movie, James Gunn got it right.

The movie is gruesome and witty throughout with so many unpredictable things happening to raise the stakes. This is a sequel to David Ayer’s Suicide squad in 2016 and it is well worth the wait if you ask me. The concept is still the same with characters we have grown to love like the sociopathic Harley Quinn, Rick Flag and Amanda Waller.

What James Gunn has managed to do with this sequel is to make us fall in love with these characters as they show how dysfunctional they are but still make us root for them as the characters bond throughout the movie. New characters such as Blood Sport played by ladies favorite Idris Elba ,Sylvester Stallone as King Shark and John Cena as The Peacemaker will make you want to go out and get this movie.

Did I forget to say that it is also funny? Well you have got to see it to believe it so do not waste your weekend. Go out and get this absolute watch. Enjoy this action comedy.

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