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Zora 18th Thursday Updates Kwame Is Being Haunted By Alma's Spirit.

Zora is a swahili soap opera that has been airing for a while now, at citizen tv. The drama is becoming more and more sweet. In our previous episode, lila and fila were found and taken back home. After they get hone madiba is informed of their return by his brother, kwame, he quickly rushes home. When he comes he starts to give them a scolding by kwame defends them.

At Zoras, Fela and Simba go back home and finds zora waiting. She is agree at simba. When she is about to scold him for for hiding the girls, Simba gets back at her by accusing her of being in, a relationship with their father.

At Madiba's the girls and kwame are having a good time at the kitchen, while suddenly Kwame sees his wife In front of him, he start talking to her and shouting, but lila and fila are not seing Alma. They call out for help they think their uncle is going insane.

Alma is back and this time as a ghost,. Haunting Kwame. What could she be after?? Follow me for more updates on Zora ahead of time.

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