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Azziad Nasenya exposed netizens defend her

Azziad Nasenya came to the lime light last year when the corona pandemic hit, she danced utawezana by femi one and mejja so well that she trended all over East Africa.since then Azziad has been famous.

She has a you tube Chanel called shoe game with azziad, she hosts different celebrities from kenya,she also acted in Selina on maisha magic East and hosted a show on switch T.V, recently she was a video vixen in nameless and wahu song Te amor.

Well somebody who goes by the name travelling minister on tiktok happens to dislike everything Azziad does, the way she dances,dresses and how she got famous.In a past video he is heard explaining that the way she dances is satanic it might look normal to the viewers but it ain't.

In another video he claims that Azziad bleached her skin and that her videos get lots of views because she is being used by a demon.He also happens to have a problem with how Azziad dresses, he explains that azziad walks semi-nude just for instagram likes and that she is an agent of satan.We love Azziad and we don't think she is an agent of anything.

Well a lot of kenyans on tiktok have come out to defend azziad check out some of their reactions

@luhyababe:why is she being mocked its not her alone this madness let people be judge no one 🥺🥺🥺🥺

@nanababe3:why are you attacking her😂I mean she's not the only one...where are others...the models

@marvinfash254:nobody is perfect in this world so the one who wrote this please think if you can avoid judgement day because you have already sin by judging her 😏

@delvinviron:😁😁😁😁this world is very wicked...why can't one be happy for another persons success .....and its not bleaching its make up...

My opinion is Azziad should continue with the great work she is doing and not let anything deter her from achieving her dreams.What's your opinion?

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