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The Secret Reason Why Prince Philip Was Not Buried But His Body Kept In The Royal Vault

On April 9th, 2021, the world awoke to the sad news of Prince Phillip's tragic death. The news shook the entire globe because it came as a surprise and nothing indicated that the man was soon to die. He was 99 years old and, as some have put it, had completed everything that needed to be accomplished in his lifetime. He is survived by his 73-year-old loving wife, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. For couples of her stature, they had celebrated both their silver, Gilbert, and sapphire jubilees, which is an extremely rare occurrence, particularly in the present world and times.

Due to the rigorous respect for the COVID-19 etiquette, only a few members of the royal family and invited guests attended the funeral service. Many are also aware that his body was discreetly interred in Saint George's Chapel's Royal vault. What many people are unaware of is that St. George's Chapel is not the final resting place for Prince George's body, as it will have to be relocated to the formal burial location at a later date.

(The top photograph is of the royal vault as it appeared many years ago and as it appears currently.)

The royal vault was constructed in 1810 and has housed a number of monarchs, including George III. King George III's wife, Princess Margaret, was also buried in the royal crypt. Among the others are Princess Amelia and Queen Charlotte.

Why was the prince confined to the royal vault?

Rather than being laid to rest in the royal burial place on the Frogmore Estate, Prince Philip's corpse was interred at St. George's Chapel.

The royal vault is a place where bodies are simply stored until they are finally buried. Prince Phillip's body will not be taken to his last resting place until his wife of many years, Queen Elizabeth II, dies. Philip's body will be taken and interred alongside that of his wife at the royals' formal burial site following the queen's death.

Every member of the royal family is laid to rest at the Frogmore burial grounds.

(The above photograph is of the royal vault in which Prince Phillip is buried, as it currently appears.) Finally, King George VI was laid to rest here.

As a matter of royal protocol, the husband and wife's bodies must be buried together and plainly inscribed with their names; these graves will serve as monuments for many years to come.

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