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Pregnancy period

Sultana:Salama Confirms Sultana's Pregnancy

In Monday's episode, Sultana is not feeling well. She has been vomiting since the morning. Salama brings some warm water but still is vomiting. Salama asks how she is feeling and Sultana says she feels dizzy and somehow tired. Sultana thinks the sickness is due to the cool breeze they went with Kokan.

Babu Kalo will visit Salama with some fish. Sultana begs Babu not to come close because she doesn't want to feel that's the fish smell. Babu Kalo and Salama will be surprised because Sultana loves fish.

Babu Kalo asks Salama why she never informed him about Sultana's sickness and could have provided some money for medicine. Salama tells him that she can take care of her daughter and should leave right now.

Sultana will start vomiting again. Salama asks her how many months of her Pregnancy. Sultana will be shocked but Salama tells her not to lie because she has worked as a midwife for many years before she was born. Salama asks her lastly she got her monthly periods and Sultana doesn't know.

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