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Remember Aymar And Nicolas From The Storm Over Paradise, See Their Beautiful photos.

Storm over paradise was one of the best and most loved telenovela that was haired on citizen tv from Monday to Saturday at 8 pm, the movie revolves around two lovers that is Aymar and Nicolas .

Nicolas' farther Eliseo bravo found a black pearl that was thrown at the depth of ocean, the black pearl became the source of his wealth although later on misfortunes befalls his family because the Pearl which was the source of his wealth was cursed.

Nicolas who was from a rich family falls in love with Aymar who was from a poor background. Even though their love story suffers many setbacks, they managed to hold on until the end, that is they eventually got married.

Aymar's real name is known as Sarah Maldonado, she is currently 41 years old ,a side from acting in her personal life she got married to Billy Rovzar, a film producer but in 2011 they got divorced. She is currently single and has no children.

Nicolas' ,real name is Erick Elias and he is also 41 years old, apart from acting he is his a family man, he married Karla Guindi and they have two children. These two pairs really matched perfectly in acting.

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