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How Prince Philip met Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth met but being far off cousins, the chances were never truly against the long term, yet it was a fairly mist them running into each other. They had met a few times throughout that saw Philip win Elizabeth's love. 

The imperial family had visited the Royal Naval College in the midst of a flare-up of chickenpox and mumps inside the foundation. Elizabeth and her more youthful sister Princess Margaret required somebody to stay with them. Philip, one of only a handful few sound maritime cadets, was picked for the assignment, however it is accepted that Philip's uncle, Louis Mountbatten, played intermediary. 

Philip intrigued Elizabeth with his actual credits and, explicitly, his capacity to hop over tennis nets. Marion Crawford, a previous instructor of youthful Elizabeth and her sister, would recount the adoration rousing meet in her journal, The Little Princess. Elizabeth couldn't keep her eyes off the youthful trooper throughout the following not many days. Theirs was not all consuming, instant adoration, and it would take Philip longer to respond Elizabeth's warmth.

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The two would later be darlings, and for quite a long time thought of one another adoration letters. Philip proposed union with Elizabeth in 1946 without her dad's assent. They maintained the commitment mystery for a year after Elizabeth's dad, King George VI, advised that they stand by until the next year when her little girl turned 21 preceding they could formalize it. The princess' folks had imagined that their little girl was too youthful to possibly be hitched at 20. 

Ruler Philip and Queen Elizabeth. 


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