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Things That Kenyans Find So Irritating About Each Other.

Kenyans are funny people and no day can be so boring when we have interaction platforms.In a question posted on one social media platform, Kenyans share what irritates them to the core, and you can't help but mesmerize.

Below are some of the instances that make them curse under their breath.

1.People who chew loudly.This is quite irritating especially if you are sitting so close.

The sound itself is just unnerving. People also have to learn to chew with their mouths closed. Some etiquette please?

2.Those that pick their noses. ucus is disgusting for goodness sake.

Especially, in this covid season, it should be a no go zonee.

Don't be picking your nose and then extend the same hand for greeting or touch surfaces that everyone is most likely to come in contact with.

3.Letting your phone ring in its highest volume for so long before you finally pick it.

At least pick it in its first beep. Nobody want to hear you Lingala and funny tones.

Styling up a little bit doesn't hurt. Just a little.

4. Spitting everywhere.Actually, in some countries, there exists laws that punish such people who love to spew their sputum carelessly.

I dont know if the same laws are existent in Kenya. (enlighten me)

It is a habit that is quite disgusting. Swallow your spit. I will excuse grandmothers on this😂.

5.Stopping over along a public path to chat instead of letting other people pass peacefully.

This mannerlessness causes a lot of unnecessary distraction to fellow footpath users who intentionally want to go about their business.

Stand aside and let others pass and then continue with your gossip.

6.Talking on the phone so loudly.

Nobody wants to be part of your conversation. No one.

Speak calmly and the receiver will hear you quite well. You dont have to shout for all and sundry to get what you're talking about.

7.The lot that eats in matatus

We know you have your take -away meal.It is evident. Problem is, we are all hungry and holding ourselves together to reach home and have a huge gulp of porridge😂

You dont have to let us suffer with the aroma of your chips, sausages and pilau.

Also, the manner in which some indulge in their food is just sickening.

Carry your food home. Not unless you don't want to share with people at home.

8.Not to forget, matatu music.

Most of the music aired matatus is just too loud and dirt. Not everyone wants to hear that.

Spare us a few minutes to get we are going silently.

Etiquette shouldn't be hard to exercise.Make sure to conduct yourself with a lot of manners especially when you're in public.

Please share in the comments section what you find so irritating about other people.

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