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Te Doy La Vida: Elena is Arrested and Pleads Guilty to Save Pedro

Ernesto finds the travelling documents in the suitcase that Elena neglected to zip shut. He photographs them with his cell phone and sends them to his lawyer. Elena and Pedro are in their original love nest talking about her escape plan and how the two of them could live in Los Angeles when he comes to join her and Nico. They lay down on the bed on what looks like virgin sheets .

Gina is a bit incredulous that Augustine spent the whole night in he hospital by the baby. She ask whether Rosa was with him and he says that they are only friends. Gina looks like the oily wheels are turning as he says that and he ask why she was asking. She says that it has occurred to her that it would be best for Maria if they care for her together. This meant that Rosa would have to leave so she could move into her room with the baby. Augustine was too surprised to even think about this and he seemed to agree. She said that if he wanted to think about it more he should and give her an answer later. As she turned away she smiled a merde -eating grin to herself. He agreed right away, saying that they wanted Maria to be happy and she would with her parents together . Gina's biggest grin was when she said that Rosa would have to find a new place. Augustine told her he would talk to her.

Samuel was in a cafe with a classmate when Gabi walked in with Gustavo. Alas, this turned into a confrontation about what he overheard in her conversation with Irene. He didn't give her a chance to explain what that was really about. He turned to Gustavo and said to enjoy himself while he could. His classmate broke this up by directing Samuel out. Gustavo turned to Gabriela with the word “Imbecile.”

Nelson arrived at the hospital waiting room to see Gina and Augustine there. She told her father that Maria was responding to treatment. Augustine made a few supporting comments and left them alone. Nelson was surprised to see Gina there. She said that wasn't this what he wanted? He said that he hoped that her concern would go on. He sounded doubtful and she said she never knew what to say because nothing pleased him.

Gustavo called Samuel an idiot but Gabi said that what he overheard had a purpose that had nothing to do with him. She did not want to talk about it. He then said he was interested in her and would she give him a chance. She said she was not ready for any such thing. He asked how long and she put him off. He said he would wait [Good luck with that, fool.] She told him she liked him only as a friend and he said he expect to be friend zoned.

Ernesto was working at his computer. Elena said she had been meeting with a client and wished him good night.

Augustine and Rosa sat down to talk. He told her about his conversation with Gina and Rosa didn't believe it. She warned him that Gina's apparent change of attitude is fake and that she had an ulterior motive for it. Augustine so wanted to believe that Gina had the baby's best interests at heart that they argued about this. Rosa was certain that Gina wanted to make his life miserable by living there but then told him not to worry; she would find someplace else. She took her purse and left.

Pedro went home in a good mood. He hugged Ester and told her what the plan was. He and Elena had discussed the possibility of living in the US for a while. He even suggested that Ester move in with them. He sounded a little too happy. Ester asked if he was hungry and he told her he had already eaten with Elena. He went to his room.

Rosa and Samuel met in the street and he was a little down because of his meeting with Gabriela in the restaurant. He told Rosa why this went badly. He felt like nothing in the presence of her friend Gustavo. Rosa said something to the effect that it was Gabriela's loss. She told Samuel that he was the love of her life. He kissed her, but it didn't look as though he was waiting to hear this. More like he was trying to put Gabi out of his mind .

Augustine sat at his table, clearly worried because he hadn't heard from Rosa. Gina called to check up on this and was pleased that Rosa had walked out. She and Augustine agreed to talk the next day. She ended the call and looked pleased with herself.

The following morning Samuel woke up in a hotel bed with Rosa. She told Samuel how much she had missed him and that she had relived moments like this a thousand times. He laughed briefly and she said she wanted to stay like this forever. He reminded her that they had to work and she told him she had to find a new place to live. They got up to start the day.

Ernesto asked Nico if he packed everything he needed for Cancún. He said he hadn't and Elena said they would buy what he needed. The maid served him his breakfast. Slightly awkward conversation here.

Samuel went home and Ester scolded him for not letting her know he was going to be out all night. She told him he would need to make his own breakfast because she was not running a restaurant and now was going shopping. He sat down, looking embarrassed. Pedro waited until Ester was out the door to ask his little bro whether he had reconciled with Gabriela. Samuel told him he hadn't; he had been with Rosa. Pedro was confused, knowing that Samuel was in love with Gabriela. However, Samuel didn't want to talk about it. He just wanted to shower and get to work.

Augustine was eating breakfast when Rosa arrived. It was awkward between them and even more so when she told him she had spent the night with Samuel.

It was fractious for Samuel and Gabriela when he got to work late. He mentioned being with Rosa, which didn't make this any better. He said he's normally on time and this was an exception, then asked what she was looking for. It was a plan for someone's wedding. He handed it to her, she said a perfunctory Gracias, and went into her office where she tried not to cry.

Elena spoke to Pedro, telling him that all was well, Ernesto suspected nothing, and they were ready. He asked for her flight information and he was in the process of getting his visa. He would be able to join her in five days. The usual declarations of love. He then called Jesus at the airport to ask a favor.

Gina went to the taller to see her dad and Rosa told her he was with a client. Gina needled her about finding someplace else to live and Rosa told her not to worry; she would be gone when she arrived at Augustine's to move in with him. Gina said “You better be” in a tone that from someone else would have been humorous but from her..... we don't use that kind of language here.

Ernesto took Nico shopping for scuba gear, which Nico was playing with on the way home. He talked about wanting to see the fish. He then asked whether there would be a divorce and Ernesto told him No. They were a beautiful family and he was not permitting anyone to destroy that.

Samuel called Rosa to tell her he had passed the pension she used to live in and they have an available room. She was happy to hear this, saying she would go over on her lunch hour to take care of this. As soon as she ended the call Nelson arrived and as Rosa ran out she told him that Gina was in his office waiting for him.

Nelson entered his office and Gina told him about the living arrangement with Augustine. He was surprised and she told him yet another major lie: That when she saw the baby up close it was a revelation. She wanted to do the best for her. Poor Nelson fell for this hook, line, and sinker.

Ernesto handed three airline tickets to the clerk who then did a computer entry. She gave back the passports and told him they needed to go to the boarding gate in one hour. Ernesto suggested they go for coffee and Nico asked for ice cream. They headed toward the cafeteria.

Augustine was at the hospital in scrubs when his phone rang. Rosa was at his place getting her things so she could move back into the pension she had previously lived in. She thanked him for letting her live with him all this time. He told her she could always count on him. He sounded sad and looked even more so when the call ended.

After coffee and ice cream Nico asked Elena if she had packed his bathing suit. She told him she had. Ernesto talked about the three of them going to the beach. Elena brought up having forgotten something and suggesting buying a replacement. Ernesto handed the passports to her. She took Nico with her. They went through the gate and the flight for Los Angeles was called. Elena said “Let's go” and he began running.

Nelson found Augustine asleep in a chair in the waiting room. He woke him and Augustine told him that Maria was alright. He was waiting to see her. Nelson said that he was pleased that Gina had finally realized her responsibilities in bringing a child into the world. The doctor came out with good news. Augustine smiled and Nelson asked to see the baby. “I'm the grandfather,” he said, happily The doctor said he could but they could only go in one at a time. Augustine said it was alright for Nelson to be first. He went to get suited up.

Elena picked up Nico who started asking questions. She was trying to answer when Pedro arrived. Pedro picked him up and Nico said they were going to Cancún. Pedro had come to see them off.

Horacio called Elena to find out how things were going. She had not yet explained to Nico what was really happening. Horacio reminded her that she needed to and to call him when she got to L.A. Nico embraced Pedro, who kissed him. They exchanged te quiero, Pedro and Elena discreetly held hands for a moment, then Pedro walked away. He thanked his friend Jesus. Nico asked for his father and Elena said he was being called back to the office.

Elena and Nico walked up to the check-in. The clerk checked the papers, handed them back, and told her they could board. She took Nico's hand to go but the clerk blocked her path just as Ernesto arrived with police. She was being accused of taking a minor out of the country with forged documents. Nico embraced Elena, yelling not to take his mother. Ernesto almost dragged him away from her. Pedro was not far away and came running. Ernesto pointed at him, accusing him of complicity in the kidnapping. Two cops grabbed Pedro, but all they did was prevent him from following either Elena or Nico, who was protesting all the way. Ernesto finally took him to a bank of seats, sat him down, and said “Sometimes adults do bad things. Your mother tried to take you to Los Angeles without my permission.” Nico denied this multiple times. Ernesto then took out xeroxes of the photos he had taken of the document, tickets, and passports. He pointed to the signature on the document, saying that Elena had falsified his signature and that this was a crime. Nico would not believe this. Ernesto said that he used to think so but no longer because Elena had done many bad things. Nico reminded him that he had promised never to call the police again. Ernesto admitted this but reneged because this was a serious crime. He was not going to allow her to take Nico to live with Pedro. Nico denied that this was happening because his mother couldn't live with someone she didn't love. Nico said she had taken him to Pedro's competition. Of course, Ernesto made this into another crime, that Elena had betrayed the two of them and must pay the consequences under the law. Nico said he didn't want anything bad to happen and Ernesto said nothing bad will. He hugged the child who was clearly too sad to be comforted.

Elena desperately tried to reason with the police, Pedro said they were making a mistake. One cop said they shouldn't talk because everything would be held against them. Elena then made the biggest mistake of all: She said that Pedro had nothing to do with this and all the guilt was hers. Pedro told her to say nothing and to wait until they had a lawyer. She was too anxious to see the sense in this, telling the police that he had done nothing and she was the only guilty party. She said to look for her father so he could get Nico. She said for the third time that Pedro was innocent and she did it all. The cop asked her very precisely if she was admitting guilt to this. She looked at Pedro who shook his head discreetly. However she looked back at the cop and said “Yes. I am the only one guilty.” Pedro begged her not to do this.

Nico asked when he would see his mother and Ernesto said she was being taken to the police station. Nico wanted to be with her. Ernesto said he couldn't. She would go away for a while and they would be together in the meantime. He then told Nico women are bad and never to trust a woman. Nico said “That's not true,” withdrawing his hand from Ernesto's. He then told him he saw him kissing his Tia Irene. This caught Ernesto a little off-guard, and he tried to gaslight Nico, saying he didn't see what he thought he saw. He insisted he had “nothing to do” with Irene, saying they were only friends. Nico asked “Honestly?” and Ernesto swore it. However, he was not looking Nico in the eye. Nico didn't look as though he believed any of this. Ernesto picked him up and took him home.

Pedro called Horacio and told him what happened. Horacio could barely believe this, but Pedro told him that Ernesto had taken Nico and Elena was on her way to the police station. He asked if Horacio had a lawyer and he said he did. He said he would get him and they would be right there.

Nelson was in scrubs looking down at his granddaughter. He was as happy at that moment as Horacio was distressed. The nurse came in, asking him if he would like to feed her. She handed him the bottle.

Gabriela had lunch with Perla, telling her the latest problem. Samuel had overheard the whole scam she had done on Irene and didn't realize what this was. Further he was now back with Rosa, whom he had boinked the night before. Perla asked how this all happened and Gabriela told her why she said what she said to her sister and she had never imagined that Samuel heard any of it. Perla saw that this was big because Samuel had pride. Gabi had to explain that Samuel didn't want to hear explanations. Perla asked her whether she could forgive him boinking Rosa.

Samuel and his classmate were in the corridor talking about girls when he spotted a poster for a student competition he could enter. The grand prize was 50,000 pesos which was the exact amount he owed Gabriela. He took a photo of the poster.

Elena called Ernesto's phone and he put her on speaker because he was still driving back from the airport. She begged to talk to Nico. He said “He's right here with me.” Nico asked if she was taking him to Los Angeles and she said she was but didn't have time to tell him. She was crying. Ernesto then ended the call. The cop told Elena that was her one call. She begged, saying that Nico's father was a monster, but it was to no avail.

At the same moment Ernesto was using this to try to convince Nico that his mother was a liar.

Pili called Andrea to see if she could get a good deal on a wedding package for her niece. Andrea said it could be arranged. She suggested they go to Elena's office and if she wasn't there they could talk to Irene or Gabriela.

Horacio and Pedro met Rudolfo at the police station. Rudolfo gave them the bad news that there will be formal charges because Elena pleaded guilty. He had to talk to her before they did. They let him into the cell block. He explained that because she had stated her guilt the least she would be sentenced to was five years for attempting to take Nico out of the country. The forgery was another matter. Elena knew she was in deep merde and cried that she was trying to save Nico.

Nico was not hungry and said he wanted to go to his room. Ernesto checked him for fever, which he didn't have. He tried to persuade him to eat something but he wouldn't. He let him go to his room.

Pedro went into the cell block to see Elena. She told him that Ernesto had cut off the call. He told her that they were waiting for the proof of identity theft. He told her they were doing everything they could notget her out of there. A cop came and made him leave.

Irene and Ernesto talked on the phone. He told her that Elena had been arrested and why. She knew nothing of “the plan” because Elena would not trust her. He then told her she would have to come to the house to convince Nico that there was nothing going on between them. She asked whether he suspected something.

She did not know that Andrea ad Pili were behind the slightly open door. Ernesto said No, but was thinking along those lines. Irene told Ernesto she loved him with her whole soul ad she would do whatever he asked. She finally said she would be there to talk to Nico. She started to laugh when Andrea came charging in and slapped. How dare you have an affair with your sister's husband!” Irene looked at her mother with a combination of shock and fear.

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