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Te Doy La Vida;Finally, Irene Betrays Ernesto.

In the episode,when Ernesto realizes that his identity is known to everybody including the authorities, he runs away with the help of Irene who rents a car and buys him a new phone.

Ernesto and Irene are on their way to cross the border to the other side of the country. Ernesto does not show any affection to Irene but on the other side,Irene is so much into Ernesto that's why she is helping him to run away. In the room,Ernesto asks Irene why she is doing all that,she says its because she loves him even before Elena came into his life. Ernesto overpowers Irene and ties her hands behind her back and gags Irene's mouth and runs leaving Irene behind.

Irene cries out and the maid of the room finds her and unties her. She tells the maid to call the police. She is presented to write a statement because the authority knows she has been helping Ernesto. Irene betrays Ernesto saying he is running away to cross the border to other side of the country. She tells the authorities the exact place that Ernesto is running to. This will help the authorities find him but at the same time Irene will also go in jail for covering Ernesto's behavior for a long time.

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