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Jalas Was Offered Millions To Sell His YouTube Show "Bonga Na Jalas" But He Turned Them Down (Video)

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After Covid-19 pandemic hit our country many people lost their jobs and some businesses came crumbling down but this was a big opportunity for content creators who welcomed the challenge with open arms. Many people resorted to staying at home due to MOH restrictions and this meant that the consumption of social media went and some of the content creators who grabbed the opportunity are reaping big rewards.[Photo courtesy]

One such content creator is Felix Odiwour better known by his character names "Jalas" or "Heavy J baba". Having been laid off at Milele FM, Jalang'o turned to his YouTube Channel dubbed Jalang'o Tv and consistently grew it to over 412,000 subscribers in a year making it one of the hottest properties on YouTube. This attracted the attention of many media houses who were impressed with the numbers and approached him to try and negotiate a deal with him. "I have been approached by 8 top media houses in Kenya but am not selling my dream as no amount of money can lure me. On the other hand, I can sell shares but I can never sell my dream," Jalang'o insisted on the need of embracing your dreams.[Photo courtesy]

Kindly watch the whole YouTube clip on this link.

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