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"My Best Friend Sold Me to Over 20 Men in India" Lady Emotionally Narrates

In 2019, Marion's best friend promised her a job worth Ksh.150,000 per month in India.

The job entailed selling 'products' from Nigeria in India.

The type of products were never disclosed to her. On arrival in India, the grass was not green at all. In fact, the proverbial grass was non-existent.

Marion Nyakio was in for a rude shock, the job that awaited her thousands of miles from home was selling out her body and the money she earned was pocketed by her friend.

Marion recalls sleeping with about 20 men. She describes it as a “dark life.” She cried all night for days until she managed to pull off a successful escape plan.

After one month, Marion decided to open up to her three friends in Kenya about the dark life she was living. They said they'd pay a return ticket for her.

Marion escaped from her friend's house and went to the house of an Indian friend where she stayed until all her travel documents were processed.

She uses her story to warn young girls about fake friends who might use them like she was used.

Watch her story here;

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