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"Raila Ni Joshua Au Judas?" Kenyans React After This Question by Taifa Leo

Kenyans have taken to the social media a reaction after a controversial question by Taifa Leo newspaper dated 11th December regarding Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga.

According to Taifa Leo, it has informed that Kenyans are now divided into two groups with some viewing Raila Odinga as the only saviour who will bring vast changes in this country while others blaming him of obstructing the good governance and democracy which the country was enjoying.

"Kenyans are continuing to split up because of ODM leader Raila Odinga, some are saying it is Raila who will bring substantial changes to this country while others blaming him of deluding the good governance and democracy," read the report as translated from Swahili.

The Nation has questioned Kenyans to give their opinion on the whether Raila Odinga is Joshua who led the children of Israel to Canaan or Judas who betrayed Jesus Christ hence sparking mixed reactions.

Below are some opinions from Kenyans;

Rodgers Omondi: Things do change, even William Ruto was not a good man but now all Kenyans are looking up to him to be their president and bring them positive economic changes.

Tito: Short form of Joshua and judas is joju.

Meanwhile, he can not and will never be Moses or Joshua, maybe yule wa githurai... Na sio chuki, how can you compare men who talked with God and took risks with people who eat flesh fries and chicken when his followers are starving?

Bright: Even Judas would never want to be associated with him. It

Maish: Ni judas kwa wakenya, mbeleni alikuwa anatetea wakenya, saa hi anaitwa sanitizer, ukiiba ukiwa upande wake uko sawa, anapanga watu kwa bbi ndiyo wakenya wakose mtetezi, saa hi Pesa ya kukopa inaibiwa aongei mpaka economy iko Ali mbaya

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