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DJ Mo Reveals The Most Annoying Thing About His Wife Size 8 That He Has Put Up With For 7 Years

DJ Mo Topadetop of NTV’s ‘Crossover101’ gospel music show is one of the best gospel deejays Kenya has ever had. His wife, Size 8 is also one of the best gospel musicians in the country. The two make a great couple who call themselves the Murayas. They really love each other but just like any marriage, they have been experiencing some very serious challenges. It is those challenges that made them start a reality TV show to address some of them.

Sometimes emotions get the better of them when they are shooting their reality show, Dine With The Murayas, depending on the issue they are handling at one particular time. Like in their latest episode, DJ Mo is seen bitterly complaining about Size 8 not being submissive.

“Wewe una kichwa ngumu sana (you are very tough headed),” Mo told Size 8.

But Size 8 strongly disagreed with him while saying that Mo was demanding too much from her. She thinks that her husband is treating her like a slave.

“Kwani I’m I a glorified slave? Do you mean you have been thinking of me like that for the last seven years that we have been in marriage?” asked Size 8.

To which Mo responded in the affirmative. In his own words, he has been putting up with Size 8’s hardheadedness for seven good years. She talks back at him and never follows his instructions as a man.

The couple that they invited to solve the issue advised Size 8 that she should respect her husband who has been brought up in an African setting, where it is a requirement that a woman must be strictly under the authority of her man. They, however, advised Mo to respect his wife too. She should also be at liberty to make some important decisions herself.

Do you think Mo is justified to complain about Size 8’s lack of submissiveness? Do you agree with Size 8 that Mo must submit to her too? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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