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Martha Hinga explains in detail how he got Mary Lincon, Sammy Irungu’s nudes

Martha Hinga, who's a actual terror to Kikuyu celebs who're dishonest, has written an open letter to Mary Lincon and Sammy Irungu whose nudes he leaked.

Hinga is idea to be a person who's most effective masquerading as a female on social media. His identification is but nevertheless disputed.

Hinga in overdue October shared pics and video of Mary Lincon in her birthday in shape wonderful a person and maximum recently, in overdue November, he leaked Sammy Irungu's nudes.

Days in the past the arguable blogger shared singer Sammy Irungu's intercourse video which remains doing rounds on line.

The 57-2d video suggests Sammy sound asleep motionlessly in mattress even as absolutely bare as a person filmed him meticulously like they have been auditioning for a cinematography competition.

The singer failed to even recoil as he became being filmed, he lay helpless like sufferers of the infamous 'mchele' drink spiking because the digital digicam stuck traumatic scenes of his bare body.

Am now no longer your worst enemy

Martha Hinga, in an open letter to Mary Lincon and Sammy Irungu, informed the duo that he became now no longer their worst enemy, revealing that the humans across the musicians and their alleged mystery fanatics are those who despatched him their nudes.

Hinga in addition defined that he leaks celebrities' nudes, extra so individuals who discover themselves as dedicated Christians, to repair the integrity of the holy altar.

"My pricey friends, how are you doing? Hope you're fine. I want to permit you to recognise that opposite to what you is probably thinking - that I am your worst enemy, I am now no longer. In fact, I am one in all your near friends, and had been helping your Ministries all along. My paintings is to simply put up juicy News to Kenyans, similar to another blogger or journalist.

"But mine is a chunk exclusive due to the fact I do not do it for cash or fame, however to repair the integrity of our holy altar. And I do it very cautiously to make sure that what I put up is not anything however the truth. I had been attacked closely on social media through your diehards, but I even have in no way been on your bedrooms. Or have you ever ever visible me with a digital digicam wherein you hold out? The humans you hold out with are those who've been feeding me with up to date tales approximately you. Why cannot your supporters redirect their insults for your purported mipangos due to the fact they're the only who feeds me with all of your darkish secrets?" Hinga wrote in apart.


He in addition requested different married celebrities who're dishonest to be very concerned noting that the brand new generation has made it clean to trap cheaters.

"Now this has come as a lesson to Kenyans who're keen on dishonest on their spouses. When you go away the one that you love wife/husband and visit your mpango wa kando's house; be afraid that some thing can happen. Your adultery can purpose you pay closely to blackmailers or malicious extortionists lest your recognition get soiled.

"We are in an generation wherein humans had been putting in mystery cameras interior their houses. Today's media generation is so superior that a bulb, a television , or synthetic nails may be used to undercover agent on you. So what are you able to do to save you all this?

"If you cannot be happy together along with your wife/husband, then do not marry. Nobody cares approximately unmarried humans putting round with exclusive humans. And in case you are already married then tosheka na bwanako/mkeo," Hingo wrote.

Nude trade culture

Hinga additionally stated that mystery fanatics have a addiction of replacing nudes and in maximum cases, they're leaked on line with a number of the sufferers being girls.

"Another fashion that issues me and I suppose it is very unstable is nude-trade culture. If you need to proportion your dunes together along with your partner, a random on line hooker or a person supplying cash; be cautious that the dunes may be used towards you while the connection is going south. Our telegram channels are awash with dunes published anonymously and maliciously with 98% of sufferers being girls.

"This suggests that guys are much more likely to invite for nudes from girls and much more likely to apply the equal nudes towards them. This fashion has taken form and it is now difficult to persuade Kenyans to forestall it, on the grounds that they do it for non-public pleasure.

"If you're interested, inform him to begin the sport first. Tell him to report himself in his delivery in shape and absolutely display his face. If he declines, block him. Bona umtumie zako na yeye hataki kutuma? Send first at your very own risk. Don't be so cheap. But akikumbali, store his dunes to your very own protection reasons; in case akiachilia zako uachilie zake pia mtread pamoja. Tit for tat is a honest game. Otherwise mkikumbali kutumiwa vibaya you'll emerge as regretting. Na nimeenda. Kindly observe Martha Hinga Official wherein Pastor Anaconda's 'tea' could be served kwa wingi very soon," Hinga wrote.

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