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Bahati Recalls The Number Of Times Diana Cheated On Him

They say marriage has got ups and downs and this has been confirmed today on Bahati and Diana's social media platform.

What you see on social media is different from what's on the ground.

During their facts about each other game on Diana's YouTube channel, Bahati confirmed that at some point in their lives his wife cheated on him. To be more specific Bahati said that Diana has cheated on him three times ever since they two got married.

Even though he had no evidence, Bahati insisted that his wife had cheated on him three times. When asked whether it was a fact Bahati claimed "I don't know if it's a fact but what I know is that you've cheated on me three times"

Enyewe kwa ground vitu ni different bearing in mind the number of times the two have had infidelity issues in their marriage yet they have made the whole village believe that their marriage is perfect!!! And to make it worse Diana is the one who's been involved in the infidelity thing.

What do you think, who should cheat In a relationship, a lady or a man?! Bearing in mind men are polygamous by nature.

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