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Roads That Play Music When You Drive On Them.

Imagine driving on a road and suddenly you hear your favourite music or tune being played by the road. I know this sounds quite amazing and shocking at the same time. That's how far technology has reached. The art of musical roads was discovered in the 1950s using parallel corrugated surface and put into use in the 1950s. Some countries have adopted them into their roads. The condition for the music or tune to be played is that the driver must maintain a specified speed limit. When this specified speed limit is achieved, the wheels cause vibrations which result into a nice tune or music to be played. The music or tune depends on the country's culture and liking. For example in Japan, the Melody road in Mount Fiji plays nice tunes of the Japanese culture about Mount Fiji when a speed limit of 45kmph is acheived. The Musical road of Lancaster, California plays the finale of "William Tell Overture".

The Melody Road of Aanyang in Seoul, South Korea plays a children rhyme of "Mary had a little lamb". This musical road was introduced so that drivers could remain awake and prevent accidents.

Road 67 of Hungary plays a song produced by Hungarian Band Republic so that drivers can sing along when they drive.

All these are great and technology requires appreciation.

Thanks for reading and follow for more.

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