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Empire of Lies: Sonia and her Unborn Child gets into Danger


Dario asks Majo to admit that she loves him. If she doesn’t, than just go and they will never be together again. She turns to leave, he gets up and we can see he's bleeding through his hospital gown. He falls on an armchair, Majo ends up saying that she does love him.

Leo arrives at the hospital, asks Mario to guard the front entry, while he goes to confront Cobra. He finds Dario with Majo, asks her to go outside. Dario tries to negotiate, says they have a common enemy, but Leo doesn’t listen (he should!) Tadeo, Dario’s accomplice comes up from behind and threatens Leo with a gun, hits him and leaves him unconscious. Dario, Tadeo and Majo flee the hospital room. They run into Mario, who tries to shot Dario, but Majo gets in between. Tadoe tries to shot at Mario, the cop finally has no other choice but to drop his gun and let them go.

He finds Leo in the hospital room, tells him that Majo left willingly. The precinct has been alerted, Leo decides to tell Elisa. 

At jail, the lawyer reads Marcelo a preview of his declaration. In it, Marc accuses of money laundering, art trafficking, kidnapping and homicide. These are all very serious accusation, is Marc sure he wants to continue? Marcelo is determined to sign the declaration, but they still need Sonia to corroborate. Marc is sure Leo will get her testimony. The lawyer asks him to take care of himself, he’ll be back the next day with the final statement, so he can sign it . Marc is afraid for Sonia, he’s sure Eww will kill her.

Elisa is visiting Renata at the baby killing manicomio. Ren doesn’t want to go back home, she wants to return to her apartment with Marcelo and baby. Oh, poor woman! But I do agree that she needs to leave the Cantu mansion. And she can take Elisa and Majo with her. Leave Victoria to Eww’s mercy, see how she likes it when he starts putting the moves on her in front of the staff how he used to do with Sonia. Ren is very distressed, she remembers when they were younger and Elisa had to deal with the other kids laughing at her because of her crazy sister. Elisa tries to comfort her the best she can.

When she meets her mom in the waiting room, Elisa tells her that she’ll stay with Renata. Victoria wants to go home, she’s very tired, she guilt trips Elisa into joining her, leaving darling tio Eww to take care of Ren.

Clara and Nieves arrive home after the funeral. Nieves is relieved that her husband is dead they don’t have to deal with hospitals and treatments anymore, but, GET THIS, Clara needs to keep working for Cobra because they need the money. Clara is horrified, how can her mom asks her to risk her life again? She gives the remaining money from Cobra to Nieves, wants out. Nieves complains about the many sacrifices that she’s made. (???) 

Clara is rightfully shocked! First she pushed Julia to her death and now she's forcing her hand, too? She only agreed to work with Cobra out of desperation. But she’s done! She calls her mother an evil piece of nastiness , realizes her dad was right all along, packs a bag and leaves! Yey, Clara! .

Teresa and Reynaldo do the deed ( MAKE-OUT ). She’s nervous at first, Rey does his best to calm her . She’s weepy, he assures her that they won’t do anything if she’s not ready. She’s more than ready, she’s never felt more desired.( WILL BE SKIPPED ENTIRELY )

Later on, in the afterglow, she tells Rey that he’s everything that JL isn’t. Eww and Awful Oscar are talking about Renata. After the procedure they did, she will never have babies again, just like Victoria wanted.

Commandant calls to warn Eww that Marcelo is changing his declaration, he has a new lawyer and he’s accusing him of a lot of nasty things.

Victoria is in her bed, asks Elisa to stay with her, since she feels very bad about the whole situation. Somehow she turns the conversation to Leo and how he’s not right for Elisa. Elisa asks her to butt out and to stop tormenting Renata with her accusations against Marcelo, too. 

Victoria is sure Renata will blame her for losing the baby, when in reality Ren is the one who tried to kill her, causing the accident.

Dario is back at his lair with Majo and Tadeo. He’s losing a lot of blood, Tadeo suggests they call the BOSS. Yes, do that! Call Uncle Horrible. Dario thinks this is a terrible idea, but just then his phone rings. Majo grabs it and answers! The moment is more exciting than the US Election battle for Georgia. Alas, she speaks first, giving her full name to the caller, asking for help for Dario. Eww gets startled for once, but hangs up immediately.

Elisa asks the maid to leave Victoria to rest, just as Leo and Mario arrive with news about Majo. They all go back to the precinct, where they check security cameras following the getaway car. They close in on the streets where the car has been seen last. Elisa wants to go with them, try to protect Majo.

In the meantime, Dario is asking Majo to leave, he doesn’t want her to be considered his accomplice. Tadeo drags her away just in time for Eww to call again. I think he’s getting careless, calling so soon after Majo almost caught him. 

He warns Dario that he’s making a lot of stupid mistakes because of Majo, and he is the one who has to fix everything again. But this will be the last time he comes to his aid! 

Majo and Tadeo go outside, but Majo urges Tadeo to go back in and find a way to get Dario to a hospital. She runs away like a crazy person, in the middle of the street, and the police soon catch up to her. Elisa and Leo are waiting in a car not to far away. As he’s asking her to talk to Majo about the danger she’s putting herself and the family in they get the call about Majo being found.

Majo refuses to tell Leo where the Cobra is, Leo calls Mario to ask for reinforcement. That won’t be possible, since JL is in Tapia’s office, being scolded for the operation he sanctioned at his brother’s demand. JL barely defends himself, Leo had a lead on Cobra. But this still gets him suspended.

Leo takes Elisa home, she wants him to stick around, but he’d rather avoid Victoria and leave. He asks Elisa to talk to Majo, she could be the key in capturing Cobra. Elisa gets upset (??), is he suggesting they use her innocent, pristine sister as bait? Leo promises that Majo will be in no danger, but Cobra trusts her and she could be very important in helping them find Augusto and Julia’s killer. Elisa is still pouting, how can Leo suggest such a thing?

Clara shows up at JL’s house. Sara scolds her for having abandoned her poor momma so soon after papa died. Teresa, for once, proves to be the more sensible one, welcoming a very disheveled Clara inside . JL is on the couch, pouting, he only wants to go to bed. He asks Teresa to come with him, but she no longer wants to sleep in the same bed, she’ll take the couch. He storms out, he needs some peace and quiet. Where are you planning to go, JLoser? I don’t think Adriana will want you now.

The nurses tending to Renata are gossiping about her and the baby; they feel bad for Ren, but they should do it more quietly, because Ren hears everything and starts screaming, accusing her mom of causing her abortion.

Fernasty comes to visit Elisa. She sees that her amiga’s in a bad mood and takes advantage of the situation. She correctly assumes that Elisa is upset with Leo because he distrusts her family. How can he think so bad about all of her loved ones and still trust her? . Elisa almost tries to defend him, saying that he’s only protecting her. Fern suggests that the cop who is supposed to keep an eye on Majo is actually watching her, so he can inform Leo of her every move. Leo doesn’t care about her, he only cares about finding his dead novia’s killer and getting a medal in the process. If he manages to nail the Cantus by accusing them of art trafficking, money laundering and murder he will become a hero.

Leo is with Adriana and Mario, talking about Marcelo’s declaration. They only need to get Sonia to talk now. Leo realizes that Elisa is upset because he proved to her that her dad was a criminal and now he’s gunning for her beloved tio. He’s afraid she’s starting to hate him. Just then she sends him a message, asking him to discontinue the police security at her house. Fern applauds Elisa, this will be a clear message to Leo that he can’t control her. Oh, Elisa, why you so dumb!

Marcelo gets a visit in his cell. A bunch of guys come with a message from Eww. He video calls from Sonia’s hospital bed, threatening that if he signs the declaration he just gave, then Sonia and her unborn baby will die. Marc is shocked, Eww is not sure that he’s still going to be alive the next day, anyway. As soon as the video call ends, the other inmates start beating on Marcelo.  

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