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You Are Irresistibly Cute But Still Single! These Are The Reasons Why

You are beautiful but you’re single. What are you doing wrong? Absolutely nothing? Here are 12 reasons you’re single even though you’re a catch.

1. You don’t believe in settling.

2. You’re waiting to meet someone worthy of your awesomeness.

3. You don’t need a man to validate your existence.

4. You’re too busy living your life.

You have trips to take, people to meet, projects to tackle, and you have a goal to go to 30 countries before you turn 30. Your schedule is very packed.

5. You’re focused on your career.

6. You’ve got great friends to distract you from romance.

7. Guys aren’t as into commitment as they once were.

8. Your confidence is really intimidating.

9. You need to focus on yourself first.

10.You don’t really have time to meet people.

11. You’re too in love with the single life.

12. You’re not ready.

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