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I Enjoy Working in Saudi Arabia Contrary to Thinking of Many People

People have different perception about people who work abroad as a house girl.

Wincate has nothing to regret working in Saudi Arabia.During the interview with Monica Kagoni,she has been working for 11 years in Saudi Arabia.Wincate started working abroad after she was helped by an agent.

"At first life was very hard due to mistreat by boss.After understanding contract condition I could approach my boss if she violent the rules," she said.

According to Wincate, when her boss fight her she would also fight back.This made Wincate to be feared.She would stand for her rights and no one mistreated her.

"After two years I usually renew my contract.As long as I know my rights I don't fear anyone.I have even fought with men who try to mistreat me," she said.

Through the support of her husband Wincate has been able to educate her children and bought a land.She also take care of her husband who have been sick.

She urge those working in foreign countries to stand up for there right

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