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Meet Tiffah And Nillan Diamond's Kids That Completely Resemble Him

Zari Hassan popularly known in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. Her fame within East Africa has earned her millions of followers on social media handles. She's a Ugandan socialite who lives a fancy lifestyle that she flaunts on Instagram and other handles. Zari used to be a wife to Tanzanian music artist Diamond Platinumz. However, their relationship developed misunderstandings and they had to part ways. Zari left for Uganda while her ex husband remained in Tanzania. 

At the moment they do co-parenting for the sake of their two kids Tiffah and Nillan. Diamond as the baby daddy, is always spotted online sharing cute moments with his children despite the separation. He still loves them and shows up for them just the way a father should do. He's known for having taken full responsibility for his kids. 

Latiffa and Nillan already have millions of followers on Instagram, something that makes them boss babies. Various companies even hire them for adverts and brand ambassador services. I want us to check out photos of these two kids resembling Diamond Platinumz. Have a look at Tiffah and Nillan and drop a comment for them. 

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