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Husband and wife relationship

"Nikikohoa Tu Anasikiza" Nyota Ndogo Brags How Passionately Her Hubby Loves Her

After months of crying and pleading with her husband to come back to her, he is now back with a bang. Nyota Ndogo's Danish husband had disappeared on her several months ago. After his return, the two lovebirds have been making the best out of their time together, visiting places all around probably catching up on the lost time.

Celebrating just how much he loves her, Nyota Ndogo shared a video with her Facebook fans showing off a car that he had bought her. She captioned it that she was truly happy and thankful to God for giving her such a loving husband. "Asante kwa MUNGU kwa kunipa mume ambae nikikohoa tu anasikiza. Haya wanasema nimemroga haya na wewe kamroge mumeo pia akusikilize kama munaona kuroga ndio kuskizwa..." she posted. Loose translation: 'Thankyou Lord for blessing me with a husband who fulfils all my needs. There are those claiming that I have bewitched him but if you think that bewitching a man will make him love you, then go ahead and bewitch your husbands.'

Her fans are happy that the husband is back and they have commended her patience. Rozyln M Musungu was among those who congratulated her saying, "Wow. Am happy for you gal. Congratulations for being that patient. God's timing is always perfect." Violet Nzavaye also added that God had answered Nyota Ndogo's prayers. "Pongezi dah. Mungu amelijibu hitaji la moyo wako," Violet added.

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