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Remember Alfonse Makokha Of “Vioja Mahakamani” See His Latest Photos

Vioja Mahakamani show was full of drama, and many people couldn’t miss it. I used to be stress free whenever I watched this show, because it made me laugh a lot. I have realized that you can add more years in your life, if you laugh. You should always laugh a lot, because we have many things that can make you laugh.

You can watch Vioja Mahakamani

, because it has all the actors who can entertain you. This program used to be aired on KBC TV, and many people were following this show. Alfonse Makohka was one of the actor of this show, and he acted in this show with a lot of passion.

He had a great humor, and many people couldn’t help but to laugh at his actions. Alfonse Makokha real name is known as Mathias Keya, and he is working as an actor. He has been in this industry for so long, therefore he has gained a lot of experience and confidence in this career. 

I always envy this person, and I always wish to be like him. Alfonse Makokha comes from Western region, and he lived there for a very long time. He came to Nairobi in the year 1992, and he struggled a lot. He couldn’t not speak English and Kiswahili well, so he had to train a lot.

You can imagine staying in Nairobi, and you can’t communicate effectively with people. I think language barrier is one of the common challenge that some celebrities in Kenya faced long time, especially if they didn’t finish school.

I would like to encourage those studying that they should take languages seriously, if they doesn’t want to be embarrassed in the future. You will meet different people, and you will have to communicate with them. You will have to use the official language, so that you can communicate.

Alfonse Makokha went to Dr. Kraft primary school, and he later joined high school. Alfonse Makokha dropped out of school at form two, because he lacked school fees. He thought that his life is over, until he joined the acrobatics groups. He started acting, and Mama Kayai identified him when he was acting at a hotel.

She took him in, and Alfonse Makokha found his way into Vioja Mahakamani show. Nobody knows about God's plan, because Mathias Keya thought that his life was over.

He dropped out of school, and didn't know where to go. He was so fortunate, because he an opportunity to came to him. He joined Jericho dancers, because he loved acting. The group was called Zuma Zuma dancers, and they used to perform at events and hotels.

Mathias Keya was very lucky, because they got a chance to tour out of the country. They travelled to Korea, and he will never forget that memorable day.

Do you know that Mathias Keya also acted in Vitimbi? Before he moved to Vioja Mahakamani. He was one of the best actors in the film, and his talent will be remembered forever.

We felt bad sometimes back, after Alfonse Makokha left Vioja Mahakamani. He left with his co-actors like: Ondiek Nyuka Kwota, Olexander Josephat and Kokoto Ligodi.

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