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"I Am Not Dating My Fellow Woman" Fena Reveals

Kenyan musician Fena Gitu has today confessed that she is not dating her fellow woman, therefore journalist should stop spreading false rumors. Fena confessed that she has been good friends with Marina naturals CEO Michelle Ntallami for a very long time, and they are not dating. These two ladies have been seen together in different occasions, and they seemed to be enjoying life like couples.

You should that dating a person of the same gender is illegal in many countries in Africa, and Kenya is among those countries. You should know that some of Kenyan laws are derived from the Bible, and we all know that God forbids relationships from the same gender.

You should know that a lot of debate have been going all round in Kenya, because we are now having some people who are practicing relationships of the same gender. You should know that it is not good to allow relationships of the same gender to flourish in Kenya, because we will regret in the future.

Our future generation will become so much rotten, and they will have a very bad future. We will have a society which is very immoral, and God might pour his wrath on the people. We should not allow debate which supports relationships of the same gender in our country, because we will have no country if we entertain such thoughts.

We know that some people wants the government of Kenya to accept the existence of such relationships, especially after the late Edwin Chiloba was murdered because of practicing gayism. Fena has come out strongly to condemn those who are spreading rumours that she is dating Michelle, and she is very serious.

she wants the law to limit the work of Journalists, so that they doesn’t spread what is not true. Michelle has not yet come out, so that she can clarify what is going on between her and Fena. We hope that she will also speak her mind, so that this story can be over and done with. 

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